Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Farm Girl Beauty Swap

This month my friend Crystal over at Crystal Cattle teamed up with the lovely Courtney Nolz of Cowgirl Crush to organize a beauty swap!

Here's how it worked, those who wanted to participate sent Crystal our information and she paired us up randomly. As it turned out, my swap partner and I have quite a bit in common.

Annaliese over at Modern Day Farm Chick is also spends a lot of her time on a dairy farm, although she and her husband milk cows not sheep. Therefore, we like a lot of similar products including nail polish!

I was so excited when I received my package which included new eye shadow, new lip gloss, a new Redkin root booster, a new favorite nail polish and a yummy valentines day treat! I've worn the nail polish and the new lipgoss by Victoria's Secret hasn't left my side since it arrived even when I'm just headed to the dairy to feed lambs. Seriously love it!

Thanks for everything Annaliese, I haven't tried the root boot booster or eye shadow yet but can't wait.

Thanks for organizing the swap Crystal, it was a great highlight of our tiresome lambing season!

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  1. So glad you joined in. Lip gloss seems to making farming days better!