Thursday, November 7, 2013

Four Days Later: Life Happened in Rural Nevada

So there you have it. Day THREE and I fail at my 30 consistent days of blogging. I blame most of it on not having a plan and the rest is just life. While my life is busy, so is everyone else's so I'm not going to dwell on that. I'll just give you some highlights from what's been going on around here and then tomorrow I'll write about something educational. So you know, you can actually learn something about Nevada.

- My sheepherder shot his deer on Sunday and we are going to cut him up tonight. I'm told it's a nice dear, its horns are not too big, but it had a huge body so I will probably have to spend some time this evening cleaning out my freezer. Now the question is to mount or not to mount. Honestly I don't know much about hunting but the thing looks big enough to hang on the wall from my perspective.

- Yesterday with the help of the sheepherder's brother sister-in-law and three nieces we moved all of the sheepherder's sheep to new fields. In the winter time sheep can graze alfalfa stubble that is left from the last time they cut the fields for hay or silage. Grazing stubble goes fast, the good news? The sheepherder and I now have a standing daily date. Hey, who says moving fence and drinking hot chocolate isn't a date!?

- APPLES, APPLES, APPLES.... they are still on the counter two weeks later. Fortunately, it's been cold, even in my kitchen. Unfortunately, if I don't get wedding dress rehearsal pie fillings made soon the apples will be too soft. Yes I'm already making pie fillings for our wedding rehearsal dinner next summer. They freeze well and it is absolutely un-American to celebrate anything on the Fourth of July without apple pie and apples are in season (cheap) now. I'm truly not that organized, I fell into this one.

- I'm gearing up for another stretch of business travel over the next two weeks. My office is a wreck, I have more laundry to do than the dry cleaners and I haven't done my floors in a week. However my life planner came in the mail yesterday so I'm pretty excited to plan my life. I'm making it a personal goal to prove the sheepherder wrong and use it diligently for more than 3 months. 

There you have it, there is life in rural Nevada this week.

Tomorrow I'd like you to meet Nevada's first brandy. Get excited.

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  1. Hope you are loving your planner! If your apples get too soft check out my apple cookie recipe. Have a happy Turquoise Thursday!