Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking for Love

So I'm in the process to moving into the most adorable farm house. Well, it will be adorable when I'm through with it. It's got the necessities: good bones, a beautiful view and a homy vibe. What it lacks is LOVE.

This poor house has been through the renter ringer since the time the boy's cousins bought the farm. It has huge, gorgeous windows in the dining area that over look the fresh pen. **Side note: One of life's blessings is watching new calves be born and I have the joy of watching that happen daily.

As you can tell from these before pictures, the house could use a fresh coat of paint, new flooring (which will have to wait) and some junking. I'm going to have to work with the green carpet.... for now.

We spent the weekend cleaning, painting and repainting. It's a good thing the boy is tall because the "popcorn" ceilings, yes I repeat "POPCORN" ceilings required THREE coats and 5 gallons of paint. I chose one bargain bin accent wall color for the kitchen/dining area and brightened the master bath with some leftover Southwestern Turquoise paint I had mixed a few months ago to refinish some table legs. With the help of the boy's sweet mommy we were able to get everything painted sans one last coat on the ceilings in the entry way, hallway, bathroom and kitchen. We plan to finish painting and cleaning tonight so maybe tomorrow you can see progress pictures.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sage hen

So, a month later I'm doing really good at keeping up this personal blog, not. You may have heard I moved to the desert, this is true. I now call Fallon, NV "The Oasis of the Desert" my home. As the boy's grandpa put it, "You've become a sage hen." I'm not really sure what this means, but from what I can tell it has something to do with spring chickens and desert rats.

A few notes about living in the desert:

Closed windows in the windy spring are a must - can you say lots of sand on my window ciels.
*side note, what did the pioneer women who didn't have vacuums do to manage this?

Lotion, lots of lotion is absolutely necessary. I'm turning from grape to raisin rapidly.

Even when it's delightfully warm in the afternoon it will be cold once it  gets dark.

Despite it all, nothing beats little girls running across the room screaming your name in excitement when you first get to town. Or the fact that with a 30 minute drive you can be surrounded by nothing but nature and peace. Yes, desert living is good.