Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hunting in Nevada

No topic seems more relevant to kick off this blog series than to write about the hunting in Nevada. You may have seen my Instagram about packing food for my sheepherder to go on a hunting trip yesterday. This is his fourth hunting trip since September 1, whether for his own tags or those of relatives. Hunting is very common here, whether for elk, deer, antelope, goats, sheep or birds, lots of families spend their fall weekends seeing the wilderness of Nevada. This might turn out to be one of the most memorable hunts of the year, aside from the once in a lifetime mountain goat hunt he went on with his brother-in-law.

This weekend he is hunting to fill his mule deer tag up in the very northwestern corner of the state, close to both California and Oregon. Along on the trip are his uncle and grandpa. His brother, mother and oldest niece drove up to join them today, it should be full of memories for certain. Meanwhile here at home, while I usually love to go with him, the sheep are too pregnant to be left alone. 
Someone has to pack water to them and feed the guard dogs and this time, that someone is me. We have a few sheep that aren’t feeling too good, they have upset tummies. Leaving me in charge of the sheep once in a while is really good for our relationship because you don’t realize what kind of pressure your farmer is constantly packing around until all that pressure is on your shoulders. Putting myself in his size 17 shoes helps me to be more patient when he’s cranky or upset. It’s only been two days, and I’m terrified that something will happen to the sheep while he is gone. Fortunately, my best friend married a vet. Thank you Dr. Z for being on speed dial. 
Hopefully the hunting party is having a blast, fingers crossed they fill the freezer.

What are common fall activities in your area? Do a lot of people hunt?

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