Friday, November 1, 2013

30 Days of Life in Rural Nevada: Starts Today

I'm kicking myself in the pants. Getting my act together and dusting off my blog. I've been on a hiatis for who knows how long. July is what blogger tells me. It's kind of like not going to the gym, once you stop it's easy not to start. I typically work out 4 days a week at least. Monday came I didn't go, it's now Friday and I still haven't gone. Anyway back to kicking myself in the pants.

My dear social media friend Holly, you probably know her from her blog My Generation, has a November tradition of writing on a certain topic or series of topics for 30 days straight. She challenged me (and the rest of her readers, although it was definitely a Sunday sermon preverbial finger pointed at me kind of moment) to use the 30 days to develop better blogging habits or in my case to actually do it.

Since moving to Nevada I haven't really shared a lot about my life here. It is sometimes strange, often hectic and generally interesting in our neck of the woods, so I decided for 30 days I'm going to write about my/our life in the Great Basin of Nevada.

You can expect topics to range from what it's like for my Shepherd husband-to-be to start a sheep dairy, our 3 in. avg annual rainfall and irrigation, Nevada's agriculture commodities and farmers, and really anything I find interesting about living in the desert. I hope you'll enjoy this journey through the Silver State and possibly actually learn something about the largest, smallest state in the Union and the farm families like ours who live here.

Day 1: Hunting in Nevada
Day 2: Rotational Grazing in Nevada 
Day 6: Four Days Later Life Happened

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