Monday, February 24, 2014

You ARE Making It

I have been clinging to this blog post from my "friend" Becky. I say "friend" because we've never met, but if we did I know we would be fast friends. If you need some encouragement, read below and then be sure to head over at follow her blog Scissortail SILK. The Lord is doing some amazing things through this young momma from rural Oklahoma.

"When the situation that we are in overwhelms us, it feels impossible to see past today. It doesn’t matter if someone offers the advice that it won’t last forever. We don’t really care that somewhere someone is wishing for our struggle. We don’t think twice about how sad we will feel when this stage is a memory.

It feels impossible to see past the moment. We only want relief from the exhaustion. We can be sad about how we will feel when it is over… tomorrow. It is today that seems to overwhelm our hearts.
So, to you in your moment, I won’t say any of those things. I won’t say you’re going to regret wishing this away. I won’t remind you how short this will really be… especially when today feels like an eternity.

I will just say this.

Girl, I feel ya.

I understand right where you are.

You don’t have to feel guilty for being overwhelmed. You don’t have to feel inadequate for just barely making it. You don’t have to feel like a failure if it isn’t turning out like you thought it would.

You’re not alone in how you feel.

You are going to be okay, but until then, a reminder that God sees you. He doesn’t sit on a throne far away chuckling at your problems. He isn’t disappointed with your feelings of defeat. He isn’t surprised by your situation. He loves all of you. He cares for all of you – and that includes right where you are today.

He is right there with you.

He is a constant encourager – the cheerleader for your soul.

Can you hear His words today? Can you hear His heart?

He says He loves you. He says you’re doing a great job. He says that He is proud of you and reminds you that you’re not alone. You’re not unseen. You’re not inadequate. He promises that He won’t leave you. He promises again and again and again… continually reminding your soul of His presence.

He quiets the storms before they come. He calms the chaos before it begins. He is your constant friend.

Maybe this sounds like something I have written before, but I will say it as many ways as I can until it reaches the heart that needs to hear it in this moment.

You’re doing okay, momma, friend, wife. You’re not only going to make it, you ARE making it. Today, I pray for the grace to let that be enough." - Becky Thompson, Scissortail Silk

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