Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wacky Wednesday - Consumer Perception

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday! Quite a few bloggers have wordless Wednesdays, which is a great idea, but I am very rarely short of words so I have decided to have Wacky Wednesday! Look forward to random cartoons, lame jokes or ironic statements to come from me on Wednesdays! Today's Wacky Wednesday is all about consumer perception. I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Tony Mata, a consultant for the NCBA Beef Innovations Group. Dr. Mata's sense of humor is very similar to mine and so one of the slides from this morning's presentation I just couldn't wait to share with y'all! Beef carcasses can be cut into a few commodity chunks of meat. From those commodity chunks, individual cuts are created and then sold in retail stores. Some of those cuts have attractive names such as, New York Strip even french like Filet Mignon... others not so attractive. Check out some of the wacky, and weird names we have named cuts of beef!

Thank you Dr. Mata & The Beef Innovations Group. Hope you enjoyed the laughs! Happy Trails Y'all!