Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beef Industry - Adding Value

What do added value products mean to you? When you add value to something you improve it right? I think it is safe to say that the beef industry is in the business of adding value. We have got to be, to increase efficiency, yields, and demand. What ways do we add value? Well the "Meat Geeks" would probably tell you the the best way that we add value is by taking cuts now being ground into filler meats or ground beef, cutting them differently and marketing them as "added-value" cuts of beef. I.E. Denver steaks, flat iron steaks, fajita meat etc. They are right! New product development is a very important way to ensure quality affordable products for all consumers, however, I am not sure that this is the only way that we (the beef industry) add value to our products.

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When we are able to tell consumers the story behind the products they purchase in the grocery store, we are adding value correct? At that point, they are no longer just purchasing protein, but they are purchasing American Beef raised by families just like theirs. They now have a sense of community, a sense of security and maybe even a sense of American pride. We add value to our products when we tell our stories and consumers fell like they are a part of something. They ARE part of something, a very important part in my opinion. Let's tell our story! The story of families like yours working very hard day in and day out to raise quality beef for all Americans. It's a great story, let's shout it from the roof tops!

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Another way the beef industry adds value to our products is through innovation and education. Our industry works very hard to develop new ways of preparing beef and then works equally hard to share those ideas with consumers. We believe that if we can help you to understand how to best prepare beef, you will have a pleasurable experience more consistantly. "The beef industry is not in the protein business, we are in the pleasure business." Dr. Tony Mata.

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So lets look at this... Not only does the beef industry develop new products to help keep retail costs down, let you meet the people behind the steaks, but then also helps you to understand how to prepare them! I think that's AMAZING! So why not beef? Beef is lean, light and right tonight!

What are some ideas that you have to add value? Share them with me!

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~ Anna-Lisa

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