Monday, September 27, 2010

Grocery Store Convenience - Beef Too!

Convenience at the grocery store is a big deal. Let's face it for college girls like me finding time to go to the grocery store is hard enough, let alone finding hours of time to spend preparing meals. I live 5 minutes from Walmart and here lately only go every two weeks. I just don't have much time to spend in the store. So I purchase things that are quick and easy to fix, delicious and of course BeefonaBudget friendly.

Today when I went to the grocery store I was very encouraged to find two new beef favorites. The first you can find in the freezer section. Frozen breakfast sausage is nothing new to the quick and easy section of the grocery store. Pork breakfast patties and even turkey breakfast patties are commonly found in grocery store freezers across America. But did you know that there were frozen beef breakfast patties in the freezer too? In fact there are and they are wonderfully delicious. All you have to do,is slap them on a plate and pop them in the microwave for about 1 min. Quick tasty and delicious... perfect for running out the door and eating on the way to school! They are also great with eggs, for supper, or really any time in my opinion. If you have never tried these beefy gems I encourage you to!

The other current favorite of mine is called a Pecan Smoked Beef Link Sausage. They also can be bought at Walmart. You can find them between the hot dog and lunch meat section of the meat case. What I love about these sausages is that they are great several ways. I love them with eggs (I JUST LOVE EGGS I THINK) I also really like them with steamed vegetables, green beans, like a bratwurst, with sour krout, or even potatoes. You really could pair them with just about anything and they would be wonderful! There is just something about the pecan smoked beef that is oooober delicious! Check out your local stores for these two beef convenient favorites of mine.

Why do I want to be sure to point out convenient beef products? I love to share them with you because they are out there! I understand feeling overwhelmed at the grocery store because you want to buy beef but your schedule doesn't easily allow for proper planning in order to purchase traditional cuts of beef. I promise I get it, I also promise you that a busy schedule doesn't have to equate to chicken nuggets (which by the way are made primarily of chicken skin). I think that often we think we have to settle for other protein sources when in reality there are convenient beef products too they just maybe aren't on the forefront of our minds. The beef industry is working very hard to ensure that convenience no longer has to be a determining factor when deciding "What's for dinner"

What are your favorite easy prep beef foods? Share with me! I love to hear about them, get new ideas and test them out myself!

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