Thursday, April 1, 2010

4-H invites HSUS to Conference

As a kid I was actively involved in 4-H. Whether it was showing livestock, baking cakes, speaking, or community service projects. I spent the majority of my childhood years (K-12) in green and white. I was also involved heavily in FFA of course, but my experiences as a young 4-Her molded me to be the person that I am today. I can say with confidence that if it weren't for those Thursday evening business meetings, annual fundraisers and banquets, showing livestock, or keeping record books, I would not be near as successful a student, business owner, or advocate of agriculture that I am. I attribute my passion for agriculture and agriculture advocacy to my heritage, 4-H and FFA.

I am shocked that National 4-H would allow HSUS to come to a conference of young minds and ask our students to sit through a seminar encouraging them to buy into the hiden agenda held by HSUS. In looking at the propagand our students were asked to read and understand I am sickened that we would allow such twisted materials to be presented to young agriculturists. If you look at the materials presented you will notice a whole section devoted to the Prop 2 agenda entitled "Hens Need a Hand". Capitalizing on the emotions of children is a low blow, but that's what they do right? They don't care about agriculture families, they care about dollar signs, they care about using the emotions of others, who may not understand production practices, to achieve their own political agendas. Does 4-H support this?

I think we need to look at the 4-H Pledge. This is what we teach our children, the need for thinking clearly, how necessary it is to remain loyal, and the importance of doing all of this for ourselves as well as others. Does the leadership of 4-H not live by the same pledge as its members? I pledge my head to CLEARER THINKING,my heart GREATER LOYALTY, my hands to larger service, my health to better living, for my club, my COMMUNITY, my COUNTRY, and my WORLD.

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  1. Lisa your 4-H experience and then in FFA will only be eclipsed by having your own children. You wrote so beautifully about your love of being in 4-H. My experience in 4-H and FFA was eclipsed by watching my own children grow more self-assured in their abilities to succeed in any goal they decided to obtain. My memories of hauling the kids to cattle and rabbit shows, doing their chores when homework would prevent them from being with the animals that evening, and being there for their triumphs were the very best times of my life. Their love for agriculture is deep. I am blessed both organizations had a hand in making the young adults they are today.

    I am excited to know the next generation will be good stewards of agriculture.