Sunday, March 28, 2010

Smokey The Cow Horse

What was your favorite book as a child? I loved Smokey The Cow Horse. Will James is one of my favorite authors, and well, I have read that book more times than I can count. While I don't consider this a children's book, I have been thinking about books for children ages 4-8 a lot lately. Do we do the best job that we can, as the agriculture industry, to tell our story through children's books? If we sit down to think about it, often times the only agriculture education a parent might have is through the book that they read to their child. Are our "agriculture based" children's books telling the true story? While it is great that children can learn about the different animals through stories like "Old McDonald", is that painting an accurate picture for the parents? Does it matter that the picture painted for parents in cities and towns across the country aren't accurate? I believe that it does. We have the opportunity to be advocates for agriculture and to speak to parents through the books that they read their children. Let's tell our story! The real story... the story of efficiency, productivity, work ethic, families, trust, and environmental stewardship. These are all great characteristics for children to see examples of and can be incorporated into fun, and life lesson filled stories. Why not show their parents that agriculture practices are efficient, and productive and that ranchers and farmers, work hard to produce food for their tables, are families like their own, are completely trustworthy, and are the original environmentalists, being stewards of the land and animals? It seems to me like this could be a great way to tell our story! I know that it is easier said than done, as I am currently working on my own children's story, but maybe we should spend more time influencing parents through the fun stories that they read their children.

If you have any children's story ideas, I encourage you to write them down or post them here, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Trails ~ Anna-Lisa


  1. Anna, my fave book when I was little was Hank the Cowdog... I loved that series! :)

  2. I although I grew up on farm my nieces and newphens are going to get that opportunity so I always buy them ag-related books or books with farm animals in them. I recently purchase The Toughest Cowboy by John Frank.