Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Woman of The Ranch

My sunday shopping this week involved a much appreciated suprise. For the first time in my life I was able to purchase frozen steaks in the meat case at Wal-Mart. Six individually vaccum paccaged frozen rib eye steaks! My excitment was not fully appreciated by mother, probably because she always has some sort of steak in the freezer. I did not fully appreciate the fact that we always had meat in the freezer growing up until I came to college.

See ranch girls grow up a little bit different. Never a shortage of meat on the dinner table. Including alot of beef in our cooking is never a question because it is what we have, what we raise. A ranch girl knows how to cook a good steak whether on the grill or the stovetop. Not only can she cook a great steak, but she can also use just about every cut of meat in the freezer, from bone tips, to sirloins, to skirt steaks and rib eyes...we can use it all, and if we don't have a good ideas Grandmom surely will. We eat a lot of beef, and often don't understand why others do not. Maybe it's because they don't know how to cook it well, or even how to use it as an igredient. Maybe it will take a ranch girl's help to get the general public consuming large quantities of beef!

Cooking with alot of Beef is not the only thing that ranch girls do a little different. We love to cook! We grew up cooking for cowboys and love to do it! There is no one more thankful than a cowboy who has worked all day and just enjoyed a great meal! There is always room for a neighbor at the table, and we never run out of food. A ranch girl is the only chef I know who can be expecting only her family and 15 minutes prior to serving lunch welcome half a dozen neighbors with ease. We love to get dressed up! We don't get dressed up very often, so for most ranch girls the opportunity to put on a dress is well recieved! We often wear make up, contrary to popular belief ranch girls enjoy wearing make up. It makes us feel like we are going to town, not going to the barn. Ranch girls are taught to act like ladies. We often are musical and often love to dance. We rise early and stay up late, we work hard and love to have fun!

Ranch girls who live for the Lord strive to show the love of Christ in everything we do. Our couch is always a welcome place for a friend to stay, friends and family are always welcome in our homes, we give to others more than we expect to recieve, and we use all of everything we have knowing that it isn't ours but is of the Lord.

Ranch girls aren't crazy, we don't think of ourselves as better than the rest, we just realize that ranch girls are a little bit different!

While others strive only to be women, someday I will be the woman of the ranch!

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