Thursday, October 28, 2010

This One's For The Girls

Why do it? If you are a cattlemen, why do you care for your land and cattle? If you're a mother, why do you take care of your children? Why do farmers take excellent care of their land and equipment? Why do teachers teach? What causes us to do the things we do? I believe PASSION is the reason!

Cattlemen care for their cattle cause they are PASSIONATE about their health and well being. Mothers take care of their children because they love them and they are PASSIONATE about "raising them right". Farmers take excellent care of their land because they are PASSIONATE about producing good, healthy crops. Teachers write lesson plans because they are PASSIONATE about imparting knowledge to their students. Your PASSION is that thing that keeps you up at night, enthuses you in the morning, and pushes you through the day!

Why Agvocate? Several young people (ages 20-25) across the country are advocating agriculture. These young people are passionately telling the story of Agriculture. Why young people? As young people we realize that the future of agriculture rests in our hands. It is our responsibility to help our generation stay connected to the farm.

It is no secret that women do things with passion in EVERY area of their lives. Today, I want to highlight a group of PASSIONATE young women who are effectively telling our story daily through blogging, Twitter, and other social media outlets! This one's for the girls!

Celeste Laurent

Celeste is a senior at Western Kentucky University studying animal science and news editorial journalism. She grew up on a hog farm in Kentucky and was actively involved in 4-H and FFA. Celeste does a great job Agvocating all sectors of agriculture and writes a great blog called "A Farm Girl's Perspective".

Amanda Sollman

Amanda is a student at Michigan State University studying Agriculture Education and Communications. Amanda was actively involved FFA during high school and is involved in collegiate FFA at Michigan State. Amanda is very involved in the AgChat foundation and does a great job telling our story. Check out Amanda's blog "On The Journey".

Crystal Young

Crystal is a graduate of Kansas State University. She is originally from Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about the agriculture industry and works for the Angus Association. Crystal agvocates using her blog "Crystal Cattle" as well as through her position with Angus.

Kelly Rivard

Kelly is studying Interactive Media/ English Composition at North Central College in Illinois. She has a passion for agriculture, and corn, that runs deep. Kelly writes a blog called "Midwestern Gold" a blog that celebrates Illinois agriculture.

Whitney Wallace

Whitney is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri. Whitney uses her personal blog to encourage and guide young women in their career pursuits. Whitney also works for Missouri Beef Council and is an agvocate for the beef industry. Take a look at Whitney's blog "Professional In Pink". You can also get great tips and recipe ideas from Whitney at the Missour Beef Council.

These young women, and many others, are working hard to tell our story! I am proud of them and proud to be among those who are passionately trying to make a difference with genuine hearts, diligence and dedication. Thanks for all you do girls! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!

"This one's for the girls who love without holding back, who dream with everything they have; all around the world, this one's for the girls"

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa


  1. As a women and mom to two girls in the ranching business it is great to see other young women representing a wonderful industry and way of life. Thank you for sharing part of their story.

  2. Anna, darlin', I love this. My face hurts from the big ol' grin I got from it, and I can't help but feel humbled by the fantastic ladies you lumped me in with. Thank you for picking a semi-flattering picture of me, versus my other farm-themed pictures...which involve baseball caps, little-or-no makeup, and work boots. :)

    This made my day. Keep rockin' the agvocacy, chicka. You're awesome.

  3. Great Post Anna-Lisa, I really enjoyed it!