Monday, October 11, 2010

"Angus" - Better beef?

I had the chance to spend this past weekend in Colorado. The drive from Stillwater, Oklahoma through the Texas Panhandle and up to Colorado through Raton, New Mexico is gorgeous. Aside from the beautiful countryside I also notice that at nearly every fast food restaurant we passed had an advertisement for something "Angus" on the billboard. This sparked an internal debate in my mind that I thought on for the several hours we spent in the car. How did "Angus" become a buzz word among consumers for better tasting beef? Do they know what Angus cattle are, the difference between Angus and Charlois... or even know that Angus is a breed of cattle? Maybe they merely notice that it is set apart, in terms of advertising, from the the other beef options in fast food restaurants? I have considered some statistics by Certified Angus Beef and USA Today while trying to determine a hypothesis, "ya know theory", so I will share those with you as well!

- 65% of consumers preferred some type of branded beef.

- 28% preferred their steaks branded as Angus beef.

- The term “Angus” outweighed any other branding term, including Prime, tender, organic and grass-fed in consumers’ perception.

- consumers said they preferred the term "Black Angus" beef to ground beef 11-to-1

Now the question is why, and I don't know the answer to this one... I would love to hear your opinion! What value does the buzz word "Angus" hold for consumers? Share with me please!

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~ Anna-Lisa

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  1. I think its the fact that CAB created a market, along with the "Angus" buzzword. Consumers have found faith in CAB and rely on a quality product and CAB has brought that quality product to the consumer. People don't understand that the "angus" buzzword that you speak of has spun off of CAB. It doesn't mean that "Angus Beef" is necessarily CAB but consumers don't understand that "Angus" is what stands out.